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What Happened to My Little Girl?

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What Happened to My Little Girl?
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What Happened to My Little Girl?

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Title: What Happened to My Little Girl?
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Jim Rue, Nancy N. Rue and Tom Parks
Narrated by Tom Parks
Length: 5 hrs. 11 min.


Dads, finally a guide to your tween daughter! This companion book to the FaithGirlz novels, devotionals, and Bibles, focuses on four tween issues: appearance, body and mood changes, girl politics, and authenticity.

Let tween expert Nancy Rue, and her husband, Jim, guide you in helping your daughter live as a girl-child rather than a mini-teenager.

  • Empower her in spiritually sound behaviors as the rate of aggression rises among tween females.
  • Show your daughter how to not only avoid but take a stand on the twisted parts of her culture such as peer abuse, shallow consumerism, and an unrealistic sense of entitlement.
  • Give her alternatives to the toxic media, and encourage her to become part of something bigger than herself through charitable, God-centered activities.
  • Learn to model the growth of a deep, personal connection with God, which makes all of the above not only possible, but probable.

In the midst of a world saturated with poisonous role models, it is possible to raise your daughter to be a respectful, confident, God-centered, young woman.

ISBN: 9780310412892

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