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Marzipan Bananas

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Marzipan Bananas
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Marzipan Bananas

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Marzipan Bananas
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Thomas Nelson and Ed Ewart


We never outgrow our appreciation for a good story, especially if it’s true!


All of these stories are true in three important ways.  First, they happened just as I have written them. Second, each is a snapshot of a teachable moment in my life that tattooed itself into me, got under my skin, and has colored who I am today. Finally, these stories are true because they resonate with the oldest and truest stories I know.


Thousands of years ago, some grandpas began writing down their true stories of life and faith for their grandchildren. Their Bible stories are older and better than my stories, but mine are a kind of modern-day footnote to theirs. In spite of the thousands of years between us, the authors of Scripture and I believe that God speaks to us in our daily experiences. It is this grandfather’s privilege and joy to learn from what He has said and to pass it on.

ISBN: 9781595559234

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