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ESV Hebrew-English Interlinear

For the Olive Tree Bible App

ESV Hebrew-English Interlinear
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ESV Hebrew-English Interlinear

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: ESV Hebrew-English Interlinear
Publisher: Crossway / Olive Tree


Learning biblical Hebrew can be a challenging prospect. Having a tool to aid in understanding the original Hebrew, without a scholar's commitment to complete knowledge of this ancient language, can draw you more easily into the ancient world of the Old Testament. More immersive than a Strong's Bible, Olive Tree’s ESV Hebrew-English Interlinear Old Testament can bring you closer to the ancient individuals and events that shaped the people of God — without requiring years of study.

The ESV Hebrew-English Interlinear Old Testament gives you in-depth study tools at your fingertips. The Hebrew text on the top line is matched with a basic English translation and the related Strong’s number below. The ESV Bible verse is then shown in its entirety with embedded Strong's links. This layout will enable you to quickly understand translator decisions by comparing the Hebrew to the ESV translation.

Olive Tree’s ESV Hebrew-English Interlinear Old Testament text follows the order of the Hebrew Bible: Westminster Leningrad Codex, but provides English glosses based on the ESV translation for the same verse. Since the ESV provides a word for word rendering of the text as much as possible, most words in the Hebrew text will have a corresponding gloss from the ESV. This allows readers to see how the Hebrew text and the English translation line up on a word by word basis.

Olive Tree also offers the following related edition:
ESV Greek-English and Hebrew-English Interlinear

About the Translations:

The Hebrew Bible: Westminster Leningrad Codex is a project of the Groves Center based on the Leningrad Codex, Firkovich B19A, residing in the Russian National Library. The Leningrad Codex is the oldest, complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible, dated to around 1008 AD. It serves as the basis for the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS).

The translators of the English Standard Version have attempted to write what is, as much as possible, a “word for word” rendering of the text. The translators view their work as a continuation in a long line of solid, true, and beautiful English versions of the Bible, beginning with the New Testament of William Tyndale in 1526. They have labored to preserve the enduring language of their predecessors in a Bible version that is true to every God-breathed word of Scripture.

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