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Rethinking the End of the World

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Rethinking the End of the World

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Rethinking the End of the World

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Rethinking the End of the World
Publisher: Resource Publications
Author: B L Cooper


Since the day Jesus ascended into heaven, the church has eagerly awaited his second coming. And during the intervening years too many Christians have focused their study of the Bible entirely on discovering the end-time signs of his coming. Does Jesus expect us to focus on dates and signs, or does he want us to instead develop a healthy and mature apocalyptic spirituality as we await his coming and the culmination of his plan of redemption and restoration? Many of today's Christians lack a basic understanding of apocalyptic spirituality or do not understand God's mission through the church. Consequently they fail to see and appropriate the rich truths that can be learned and applied to their lives today. Yes, Revelation is a book for today! This book begins by explaining how the historic misinterpretation of end-time Biblical literature has distracted Christians from their true spiritual development and mission. It then explains how developing a proper apocalyptic spirituality can lead believers to healthy applications of end-time teachings. Discover how apocalyptic Biblical literature can help you see the redemptive work that God has in store for us today while we await his imminent return.
ISBN: 9781498224420

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