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Breaking the Glass Box

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Breaking the Glass Box
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Breaking the Glass Box

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Breaking the Glass Box
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: JungJa Joy Yu and JungJa Yu


Breaking the Glass Box includes spiritual formation process for liberation from gender oppression through multiple awareness practices of conflicts in han-based Korean culture of society and church. The metaphor has multiple liberation process: "invisible glass box," "visible glass box," "breaking the glass box," and "sticky rice." This liberation process includes consicentization, consciousness-raising, and a heightened cultural awareness in discerning the reasons of interpersonal conflicts in Korean socio-cultural contexts. By exploring the multi-faceted han-jeong dynamics with Feminist theology and Asian Feminism, the important aspects of re-imaging the self and God as spiritual formation have been examined with contemplative practices of Internal Family System (IFS) and self-compassion to create the healthy jeong-filled solidarity group. The "sticky rice" is a new cultural paradigm for Korean women's jeong-filled hospitality. The broken pieces of the glass box will be transformed into the grains of rice by the positive jeong-filled hospitality of cooking sticky rice. In the solidarity group of jeong-filled hospitality, represented by rice ready to cook a serving of delicious sticky rice, people can enjoy the fellowship of healing, forgiving, and reconciling of the sticky rice. These images are intended to promote a healthy community of ministry and spirituality for Korean women.
ISBN: 9781630871369

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