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Map: The Way of All Great Men

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Map: The Way of All Great Men
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Map: The Way of All Great Men

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Map: The Way of All Great Men
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: David Murrow
Narrated by Wayne Shepherd
Length: 5 hrs. 49 min.


A map, written in code and hidden in the gospel of Matthew, reveals a truth so explosive it could rock the foundations of Christianityùor lead to its rebirth.A cleric appears out of the rain-spattered darkness, bearing a mysterious message: A long-lost map with the power to transform men is on the verge of being discovered. Thrown headlong into a global chase, author David Murrow must race to find the map before it falls into the wrong hands and disappears forever.The Map, which begins as an action thriller and then transitions into a modern-day parable, reveals the path every great man û including Christ himself û has walked.In this dynamic follow-up to the best-selling Why Men Hate Going to Church, Murrow cleverly translates the masculine spiritual life into an actual, ink-on-paper map. Then he shows men where to find the map in the New Testament and how to walk its ancient paths today.
ISBN: 9781401605513

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