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Help! My Husband Doesn't Love Jesus

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Help! My Husband Doesn't Love Jesus
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Help! My Husband Doesn't Love Jesus

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Help! My Husband Doesn't Love Jesus
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Charlene Montague


Help My Husband Doesn’t Love Jesus is the practical, theologically sound book you’ve been craving. No more empty seats next to you in church. No more frustrating rejected invitations to church. No more nagging. The wisdom shared in these pages will take the hassle and irritation out of marriages where one spouse is passionately in love with Jesus while the other is . . . well let’s just say they don’t have a relationship with Jesus - at least not yet anyway.

I know it’s difficult being the one driving to church without your spouse and any attempts at encouraging them to come along is met with resistance - sometimes extreme resistance. “Help My Husband Doesn’t Love Jesus” uses the life of Esther and Hannah to unlock some hidden powers women possess in not only navigating difficult situations but also positively influencing their husbands to turn their hearts to God. That’s right this book explores chapter by chapter, exercise by exercise, the real nature of women and their dynamic role in drawing their spouses into a divine spiritual alignment with their Creator. Chapter by chapter topics covered include:

? Marriage versus Covenant?

? A Good Man?

? Attendance versus Relationship?

? The Jewish Queen who married an alcoholic

? Creating a welcoming Environment

? Time To serve

So, if you’re ready to ditch the nagging, roll up your sleeves and let’s get what you really want. You will turn the trajectory of not only your husband’s faith but also your family to a place up until now you have only been dreaming about. If your spouse’s spiritual walk is not what it should be or is non-existent, you can help change that - starting today. Help! My Husband Doesn’t Love Jesus provides the real-life tools building a fulfilling life when you are loving and living with a spouse who does not share the same spiritual pathway as you do.


ISBN: 9781400325306

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