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Coherent Christianity

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Coherent Christianity
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iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, and Windows.

Coherent Christianity

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Coherent Christianity
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: Louis Roy


Throughout this book, Louis Roy illustrates his conviction that Christianity consists in the most profound experience to which human beings are invited by God. This experience involves meaning and truth, hope and love, suffering and joy, solidarity and critique. It is a space of freedom, where diverse persons seek the light and make their decisions, interacting with the intellectual and affective resources of their culture. Faith is understood as a personal and communal adventure--a sequence of real life experiences.   The book proposes an articulate and coherent vision of the Christian faith. It surveys the complementary dimensions of Christian experience. It points to various paths, traveled by different people. It offers an actualization for our time, that is, a road map that is at the same time flexible and in keeping with truth. It engages in a dialogue with psychology and with non-Christian views, for example on meditation and on reincarnation.   The book is addressed to a large audience of educated readers, who are likely to be very interested in its biblical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, interreligious, and pastoral components. Its originality consists in bringing together the interactions between several disciplines, in a practical way.
ISBN: 9781498242677

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