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Monergism or Synergism

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Monergism or Synergism
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Monergism or Synergism

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Title: Monergism or Synergism
Publisher: Pickwick Publications
Author: Daniel Kirkpatrick


The tensions between Calvinism and Arminianism have perpetuated Christian thought for some 500 years. The concerns from both parties are legitimate. Calvinists are often accused of fatalism along with holding to a troubling view of double-predestination. Arminians are often accused of holding to a human-centered view of salvation that robs God of glory while championing human ability. Could it be that many of the tensions between Calvinists and Arminians are sourced in an often-overlooked issue--monergism and synergism? Could the same be said regarding Protestantism and Roman Catholicism concerning justification? In this volume, Daniel Kirkpatrick explores the specific roles of God and humans in various aspects of salvation to determine whether salvation is a work between God and a person (synergism) or a work of God alone (monergism). Building upon the framework of Aquinas, the Reformers, and Arminians, this book examines the issue of who does the work of salvation in light of cause and effect with hopes of providing new insights on historic doctrines.
ISBN: 9781532630118

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