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Sound of Many Waters

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Sound of Many Waters
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Sound of Many Waters

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Sound of Many Waters
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Robert Manuel Trindade


Our beliefs determine how we behave personally, and also our lawful standards as well. Misplaced faith and worship has led many far from truth. God is not tolerant toward sin or the rejection of truth. His ways are not our ways, and wisdom and salvation only come through His way. Christ is the fulfilment of God's love for us and His word which is the guide.

God has made Himself known to all through nature, His written word, and in the person of Christ. Our understanding and acceptance of God will determine our lives as individuals and as a society more than any other beliefs. God has set the standard for love and moral living, and when we honor Him, we will become what's needed by our fellow man. Wisdom and truth are God's, and all substitutes will not stand. Only in God should we trust.

ISBN: 9781400327904

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