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Land without Borders

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Land without Borders
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Land without Borders

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Land without Borders
Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing
Author: John A. Beck
Length: 3 hrs. 42 min.


Do you ever feel like Bible stories took place in a whole different world? Well, they did. And the settings in which they occurred provide clues to our better understanding of each. When you comprehend, for example, how dry and barren the wilderness actually is, you get a new dimension in your Scripture reading. John Beck combines his passion for God’s Word and his love of geography to share deep insights into how wilderness extremes factor into familiar Bible stories.  By recognizing these physical landscapes and the way God worked in others’ lives, you can more fully appreciate His work in your own life whenever you find yourself in a difficult spiritual wilderness.

ISBN: 9781640700208

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