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Theological Interpretation of Scripture

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Theological Interpretation of Scripture
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Theological Interpretation of Scripture

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Theological Interpretation of Scripture
Publisher: Cascade Books
Author: Stephen E Fowl


Christians have been interpreting Scripture with an aim of deepening their life with God and each other from the very beginning of the church. The past twenty years or so have witnessed an explosion of scholarly writing devoted to the theological interpretation of Scripture. Stephen Fowl, as an active participant in and contributor to the burgeoning literature, has written an ideal companion for guests at the "large and somewhat chaotic party," introducing them to important people, texts, and issues. The companion explores some of the connections between the long-running and essential Christian practice of theological interpretation and the more recent body of scholarly literature. Ultimately, the companion hopes to encourage readers to join the party in their own right.
ISBN: 9781621890133

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