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Praying Through Cancer

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Praying Through Cancer
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Audio Book

Praying Through Cancer

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Praying Through Cancer
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Susan Sorensen and Laura Geist
Narrated by Janet Ivey-Duensing
Length: 4 hrs. 46 min.


Traumatized and terrified of cancer? Perhaps you have been diagnosed yourself, or you have a friend or family member who is battling with the disease. You know you must face it--but you do not have to face it alone. Praying Through Cancer is 90-day devotional that includes a collection of stories by women who have faced cancer and, with triumphant spirits, found comfort and sometimes even joy in the midst of it.

For these women, cancer was a comma, not a period, in the sentences of their lives. Why? Because they put their faith in the Lord and He strengthened them beyond comprehension. You will laugh and you will cry, but best of all, you will know . . . you are not alone.

This encouraging daily devotional is written specifically for cancer patients by cancer patients with insight, wisdom, and clarity found only through personal trial. Each devotional includes:

  • a Scripture verse and prayer
  • an inspirational story where fears and anger are transformed into confident expectation and pure worship
  • an intentional tip of the day to help you personally encounter God
  • prayer references for encouragement

You don’t have to face cancer alone. Readers will feel as though they are meeting kindred spirits, old friends who will come alongside them in their journey, encouraging them and understanding what no one else can. Contributors include Kay Warren, Pat Palau, Barbara Johnson, Joyce Wright, and many more.

ISBN: 9780785241607

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