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Wisdom for Each Day

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Wisdom for Each Day
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Wisdom for Each Day

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Wisdom for Each Day
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Billy Graham
Narrated by Milton Bagby
Length: 1 hrs. 29 min.


Life principles and Scripture selections from the America's most well known Evangelist.

Life comes at us fast and is filled with challenges and questions for each day.  Relationships.  Finances.  Temptations.  Setbacks.  Where do we turn for answers and wisdom?  God's Word and the gentle-yet firm-insights of one of the most beloved ministers the world has ever known, are a great place to start each day.  Billy Graham, is known and loved for his simple speaking style.  Wisdom For Each Day is a beautiful expression of his heart and voice.

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  • Peace for Each Day
  • Hope for Each Day

ISBN: 9781404117808

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