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Pilgrim Portions

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Pilgrim Portions
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Pilgrim Portions

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Pilgrim Portions
Publisher: Olive Tree
Author: John Nelson Darby


The extracts included in this devotional eBook are divided into one topic for each week of the year; 52 topics in all. Although each entry addresses a different topic, they all really focus on one thing – Christ. Christ who addresses the needs of our souls. These nuggets are a mine of wealth, and there are deep riches available to those who are willing to dig and obtain them. Topics include sin, the Word of God, trial, looking unto Jesus, the presence of God, service, the all-sufficiency of Christ, our needs and His fullness, praise, our hope, and many others. The extracts are selected from the writings, hymns, letters, etc. of J.N.Darby. Darby was a minister in the 1800’s who, beginning in England, established many Brethren assemblies, and also did his own translation of the Bible.

Excerpt (from Looking to Jesus): "...It is well to be done with ourselves and to be taken up with Jesus. We are entitled to forget ourselves, we are entitled to forget our sins, we are entitled to forget all but Jesus ... Looking to God one is above all the heaving and breakers, and walking on a rough sea is the same as walking on a smooth sea..."

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