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Life of God in the Soul of Man

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Life of God in the Soul of Man

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Life of God in the Soul of Man

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Life of God in the Soul of Man
Publisher: CCEL
Author: Henry Scougal


According to Henry Scougal, true religion is not an accumulation of outward works, but "a union of the soul with God, a real participation of the divine nature, the very image of God drawn upon the soul." Originally written as a letter to a friend, The Life of God in the Soul of Man, first published in 1677, has been through numerous editions and has greatly impacted the history of the church. Among the many whose lives have been changed by this book was George Whitefield, who received it as a gift from his friend Charles Wesley. "O what a ray of divine life did then break in upon my soul," wrote Whitefield, who dated his conversion from that hour. Olive Tree is pleased to be able to make this important classic available for use on your PDA or mobile phone.

Born in 1650, Henry Scougal was the son of a Scottish Presbyterian minister. Being especially bright, he entered King's College, Aberdeen, at the age of fourteen. Scougal taught for four years at the college before he was twenty-three years old, a testimony to how much he was respected by his teachers and peers. After a year of ministry in a rural parish, he was asked to return to King's College as professor of divinity. Henry Scougal died of tuberculosis just before his twenty-eighth birthday, his few but powerful writings reflective of a man who knew the life of God.

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