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Power through Prayer

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Power through Prayer

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Power through Prayer

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Title: Power through Prayer
Publisher: CCEL
Author: E.M. Bounds


This classic eBook by E. M. Bounds has been called one of the great masterpieces on the subject of prayer. Power through Prayer was written especially to convict, exhort, and encourage those who preach God's word that the secret of successful ministry is prayer and communion with the Lord. The book's twenty chapters have titles like "Men of Prayer Needed," "Our Sufficiency is of God," "Prayer, the Great Essential," "Examples of Praying Men," and "Heart Preparation Necessary." Characteristic of all books by this author, each chapter begins with one or more inspiring quotations from the writings of others who have realized the importance of prayer and its power to change the world. The simple clarion call to "Pray! Pray! Pray!" rings throughout the book.

One who knew this author personally testified that everything Bounds wrote was for the salvation of his readers. The weight, the gravity, the conviction with which E. M. Bounds speaks on prayer make this and all his books a treasure for those who want to know God as he did.

Edward McKendree (E. M.) Bounds (1835-1913) As a young adult, Bounds was ignited by a great revival, and left his legal practice to serve the Lord, becoming an ordained Methodist Episcopal preacher. Shocked by atrocities committed against his countrymen by the invading Union Army during the Civil War, Bounds peacefully refused to sign an oath of allegiance to the Union and was sent to prison, where he continued his ministry among the inmates. Eventually released and sent away, he became a Confederate chaplain on the front lines, praying for his men within sight of them as they fought. After a full year of intense public intercession from Bounds and the surviving men of Franklin, the demoralized town experienced revival. The tireless compassion of this man, who would spend hours each day in intercessory prayer, continued to the end of his life. W. H. Hodge, who was mostly responsible for the publication of E. M. Bounds' books, developed an intimate friendship with the prayer warrior: "At last," he said, "I have found a man that really prays. I shall never let him go. He drew me to him with hooks of steel."

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