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What Women Wish Pastors Knew

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What Women Wish Pastors Knew
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What Women Wish Pastors Knew

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Title: What Women Wish Pastors Knew
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Eugene Peterson, Denise George and Christine Williams
Narrated by Eugene Peterson and Christine Williams
Length: 7 hrs. 22 min.


This book will open your eyes to the needs, frustrations, dreams, and potential of your church’s greatest resource—the 60 percent of its members who provide far more than 60 percent of what keeps it going. The women of your church think the world of you, pastor. But they deeply wish you understood a few things about them that can make an enormous difference to their well-being and that of your church.From the findings of her personal survey of hundreds of Christian women, Denise George shares with you unique, long-overdue insights about things that have left you scratching your head. Better still, you’ll find out what you can actually do about• The tiredness and the hurts of women• Their longing for friends, fellowship, and spiritual growth• Their concerns for their marriages and their children• Your impact on them• Respecting the ways women differ from men• Helping women fulfill their need to give to the church… and much more.
ISBN: 9780310869290

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