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Rookie Dad

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Rookie Dad
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Rookie Dad

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Rookie Dad
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: David Jacobsen and Jared Black
Narrated by Jared Black
Length: 3 hrs. 38 min.


When I found out my wife, Christine, was pregnant, I had no idea what I was thinking or feeling, and no clue what I should be thinking or feeling. Christine had daily heart-to-hearts with her girlfriends and a stack of parenting books by her bed. I had lots of questions with no answers. So I started writing. It was either that, or try to ignore the whole thing – a choice that became increasingly difficult as Christine’s belly became increasingly swollen.Rookie Dad is the story of a young husband and father learning how to pay attention to his family’s changing size and shape. It’s a story filled with hard questions, with laughter and tears, and with the unexpected joy of first-time fatherhood. It’s my story – the story of how I became a dad.
ISBN: 9780310772248

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