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Classic Devotionals Vol 1, Read by Christopher Glyn

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Classic Devotionals Vol 1, Read by Christopher Glyn

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Classic Devotionals Vol 1, Read by Christopher Glyn

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Title: Classic Devotionals Vol 1, Read by Christopher Glyn
Publisher: Christopher Glyn
Author: Various
Narrated by Christopher Glyn
Length: 7 hrs. 23 min.


A treasure trove of 200 rare and priceless devotional gems, the two volumes of Classic Devotionals embrace the biblical wisdom of more than 50 men of God from the 16th to 19th centuries. Many of the deeply spiritual reflections and lessons in Classic Devotionals can no longer be found in print. Authors such as J.C. Ryle, Arthur Pink, Charles Spurgeon, John Newton, and Thomas Watson provide biblical inspiration for our life in this world, and joyous expectation for our home in the next.

Immerse yourself in time-tested biblical wisdom with the elegant and graceful narration of Christopher Glyn and discover these ancient writings that are more relevant then ever.

This audio download contains volume 1. You may also be interested in the companion product, available for separate purchase, Classic Devotionals, Vol. 2, or the combined set, Classic Devotionals, Vol. 1 & 2.

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Volume 1 Contents:

  • An Ocean Of Consolation - James Smith
  • Broken People - Don Fortner
  • There Is No Darker Sin Than Ingratitude - Alexander Smilie
  • Call Him Father In The Furnace - Thomas Sherman
  • The Description Of The Godly Man - J.R. Miller
  • The World's Pleasures Are Often Curses In Disguise - John McDuff
  • The Afflictions Of The Godly - Thomas Watson
  • William Gurnall's Choice Excerpts On Pride
  • Would We Really Rather Have Things Our Way - Frank Hall
  • The Most Secret, Subtle And Insinuating Of All Sins - Edward Payson
  • Faithfulness In Littles - John Colwell
  • Man - THAT PUNY WORM OF DUST - Thomas Dick
  • What Is Heaven - Octavius Winslow
  • The Babylonian Books Of The Present Day - Charles Spurgeon
  • This Is To Follow The Lamb Wherever He Goes - William Dyer
  • Satan's Chapel - Samuel Milton Vernon
  • A Truly Humble Man - Jonathan Edwards
  • Oh, Free, Rich, Glorious Grace - Anne Dutton's letters
  • A Murmuring Spirit - Jeremiah Burroughs
  • An Ever-present Help In Trouble - Thomas Brooks
  • Two Filthy Rooms - Arthur Pink
  • Storms And Tempests, Whirlwinds And Hurricane - James Meikle
  • True Riches And Honour - James Smith
  • A Meaningless God, Gospel And Saviour - Don Fortner
  • When I Hide Myself In The Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me - Alexander Smilie
  • Lord, How Can We Know The Way - J.R. Miller
  • Thank God For Hiding The Future - John Macduff
  • Choice Excerpts From The Writings Of Thomas Watson
  • Choice Excerpts From William Gurnall
  • God's All Wise, Gracious And Adorable Providence - Frank Hall
  • That Unclean Donkey Is Yourself - Charles Spurgeon
  • Our Condtion - GOD'S MERCY - James Smith
  • The Necessity Of Daily Prayer - J.R. Miller
  • Thomas Watson's Choice Excerpts On Scripture
  • They Are The Treasures Which His Great Heart Covets - Alexander Smilie
  • The Seed, The Source, The Essence Of Unhappiness - James Smith
  • The Necessity Of Daily Bible Reading - J.R. Miller
  • Thomas Watson's Choice Excerpts On Prayer
  • God's Workmanship - Frank Hall
  • The Omnipotent Savior - James Smith
  • What It Is To Follow The Lamb - William Dyer
  • The Awful Tragedy Of Calvary - John Macduff
  • The Grand Secret Of Daily Comfort In Christianity - J.C. Ryle
  • God's Love Letter - Thomas Brooks
  • Altogether Lovely - James Meikle
  • A Holy Antipathy Against Sin - Thomas Watson
  • The Hand Of Jesus - James Smith
  • Thomas Watson's Choice Excerpts On Heaven
  • My Salvation Comes From Him - Alexander Smilie
  • If The World Loves Us, Smiles On Us, And Speaks Well Of Us - James Smith
  • This Is The Finger Of God - J.C. Ryle
  • Wounding Jesus - James Smith
  • Ah! The Heart Was Wrong, And Therefore Everything Was Wrong - Alexander Smilie
  • How To Read The Bible - J.R. Miller
  • The Death Of His Saints - Alexander Smilie
  • John Learned His Lesson By Lying On The Bossom Of Jesus - J.R. Miller
  • All That We See Within Is Foul, Ugly And Grim - Frank Hall
  • Is Christ Your Lord - James Smith
  • The Antidote For Fear - Alexander Smilie
  • Stop Bringing Meaningless Offerings - Alexander Smilie
  • Some People Use Pepper Instead - J.R. Miller
  • I Can Take My Elim With Me Through The Great Wilderness - Alexander Smilie
  • Oh That My Ways Were Directed To Keep Thy Statutes - James Smith
  • My Dearest Idol Must Be Thrown Down - Alexander Smilie
  • A Christian Is One Who Follows Christ -J.R. Miller
  • In The Last Consummate City - Alexander Smilie
  • Living Stones - James Smith
  • I Must Take Off My Earthly Garments And Put On My Sacred Dress - Alexander Smilie
  • Take All The Tangled Threads - J.R. Miller
  • The Feeble Hand Lies In His The Omnipotent Hand Is Clasped Around Mine - Alexander Smilie
  • There Is No Chance In God's World - James Smith
  • Christ's Sword - Alexander Smilie
  • One Of The Finest Things In A Complete Christian Character - J.R. Miller
  • The Birds And Lilies Teach Me Better - Alexander Smilie
  • God Is Love - James Smith
  • What, Then, Did He Mean - Alexander Smilie
  • We Would Be Growing Into Monsters Of Selfishness - J.R. Miller
  • God Weighs And Measures, Bounds And Ordains, My Sorrows - Alexander Smilie
  • Our Own Health Wealth And Gratification - James Smith
  • Ah, The Thanklessness Of It, The Ugliness, The Evil - Alexander Smilie
  • An All-sufficient Savior And The Needy Sinner - Frank Hall
  • A Life Of Simple, Active And Absolute Dependence On Jesus - James Smith
  • Unspeakable - Alexander Smilie
  • Tender Kisses - Frank Hall
  • These Peril-beset Feet Of Mine - Alexander Smilie
  • The Believers' Graces - Thomas Watson
  • Why Are We Here What Is Our Purpose - Frank Hall
  • Two Gates, Two Ways, Two Ends - Alexander Smilie
  • Lost, Unregenerate Men Know Nothing About This Struggle - Frank Hall
  • My Shepherd - Frank Hall
  • The Bonfire Of Vanities - Alexander Smilie
  • Who Makes You Differ From Another - Frank Hall
  • What Does The Lord Require Of You - Alexander Smilie
  • Running To And Fro Like Ants Upon A Heap - J.C. Ryle
  • The King's Chambers - Frank Hall
  • Why Does God Afflict Us - Ashton Oxenden
  • The Drop Of Water And The Giant Being - Charles Spurgeon
  • You Have Lately Been In The Furnace - John Newton
  • Let Me Tell You A Little Secret - Charles Spurgeon
  • Are We To Fritter Away Our Brief Hour On Life's Stage - J.R. Macduff

Christopher Glyn trained as stage actor at the Rose Bruford School of Speech and Drama in the UK. After receiving Jesus, he forsook a career as a Shakespearian actor to devote his life to missionary work, with a personal calling to minister through radio.

In the forty plus years since, Chris' inspirational radio shows have been heard on hundreds of radio stations on all seven continents. He has also narrated over one hundred inspirational and motivational audio tapes, including an audio book of the King James Bible as well as other Christian classics, such as Charles Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" devotionals.

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