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It Couldn't Just Happen

For the Olive Tree Bible App

It Couldn't Just Happen
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It Couldn't Just Happen

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: It Couldn't Just Happen
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Lawrence O. Richards


This four-color, Gold Medallion Book Award winner is a perfect tool that offers solid, biblical answers to some of the tough questions kids ask about evolution and our world.

 ôDid Earth begin with a æBig BangÆ cosmic explosion?ö

ôDoes science contradict the Bible?ö

ôWhat happened to dinosaurs?ö

ôIs there life on other planets?ö

ôDid we evolve from apes?ö

ôWhat makes my body work on its own?ö

Kids are daily exposed to the theory of evolution by the media and public schools. ItÆs not safe to assume that your kids will reject that theory. ItÆs up to us as parents and Christian leaders to make sure our children know the truth about the creation of the world. With thousands of evidences to prove He created and sustains the universe, It CouldnÆt Just Happen will fascinate kids with fun activities and examples of GodÆs marvelous works.

ISBN: 9781418575892

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