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The Church

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The Church
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The Church

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Church
Publisher: David C Cook
Author: Jeff Lucas


The church. The bride of Christ. The body of Christ on earth. A joy, delight, and a comfort to all Christians.And the source of some of our greatest hurt and struggle.

We fight for the church, but we also fight inside the church, and the sight of a local congregation or denomination battling it out is one of the saddest and most shaming sights that we ever come across. So do we have the choice to opt out of the church altogether, to go it alone, just us and God? No, says Jeff Lucas. Whatever the problems, we have to learn to work together. With his usual humor and understanding, Jeff takes us through some of the key issues facing Christians in the twenty-first-century church—bullying leaders, grumbling, gossiping, spiritual dementia, and finally the overwhelming need for love. Whether it is asking for our daily bread, forgiving and seeking forgiveness, or exploring what it means for God’s will to be done, these Bible Daily notes are food for the brain and sustenance for the spirit. Bible Daily notes are written by Jeff Lucas to help you apply the lessons of God’s Word daily. Each day and with each devotion, Jeff uses his signature wit and wisdom to reveal insights and practical application you can use in your own life. Each Bible devotion takes only a few minutes to read, but the lessons learned can last a lifetime.
ISBN: 9780830780884

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