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How (Not) to Save the World

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How (Not) to Save the World
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How (Not) to Save the World

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Title: How (Not) to Save the World
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Hosanna Wong
Narrated by Hosanna Wong
Length: 7 hrs. 23 min.


A Publisher’s Weekly and ECPA bestseller

Read by the author.

A practical, straightforward guide for Christ-followers who want to talk about Jesus without feeling weird or pushy.   

Ten years ago, Hosanna Wong packed her life into suitcases and started traveling the country to talk to people about Jesus. She quickly discovered lies she had believed that held her back from actually sharing God’s love. 

It turns out, believing lies that you’re not enough, your story doesn’t matter, and there’s no way for you to make an impact… that’s how not to save the world. 

Through faithfully studying God’s Word and fumbling through her own flawed progress, Hosanna uncovered what the Bible says about revealing God’s love in our everyday lives.

With honesty and humor, Hosanna will help you:

  • Embrace your unique story to naturally talk about Jesus through your real life and authentic relationships;
  • Discover the three most effective steps to take when fighting for a loved one who is in a tough place;
  • Overcome the lies that hold you back so you can step into your calling and empower people to encounter God.

It turns out, you can naturally share God’s love in your everyday life. You can fight for those you love, and a world Jesus loves. There is a way for every person you know to realize how valuable they are to God. You’ve been created for it, equipped for it, and you’re ready for it. Let’s go!

ISBN: 9780785243472

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