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Recovering From the Loss of a Love

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Recovering From the Loss of a Love
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Recovering From the Loss of a Love

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Recovering From the Loss of a Love
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: Publishing Rose


How do you get over a break up? How do you move on when someone you love walks away? Whether it's the loss of love through a breakup or the agony of having someone not love you back, this encouraging book by Dr. Norm Wright helps you move through the stages of grief and loss, and guides you toward wholeness and hope.

It feels like the deepest hurt in the world...and you don't know how you can ever move on. People tell you that ""time heals all wounds,"" but that doesn't help with the pain you feel right now. Expert Dr. Norm Wright understands. He has worked with those devastated by heartache for over 4 decades. He knows how to compassionately and practically help you work through the feeling of loss, grief, and rejection—showing you how to resist blaming God, how to make sense of it all, and how to finally move forward.

  • Find out the factors that make certain losses more difficult than others.
  • Discover how to work through the emotions caused by grief and loss.
  • Learn the 5 steps to letting go and the 10 tips on how to move on.
  • Recognize whether you are afraid of loving again (and find out how to overcome that fear)

Heartbreak, despair, loneliness, numbness—these are our feelings when we experience a broken relationship. But, these are not feelings we need to carry with us forever. Experience the peace that comes from letting God be the healing balm for your wounded heart.

Perfect for—

  • Personal use/growth
  • To give to someone who is struggling with the loss of love
  • Ministry training tool (Church leaders, teachers, prayer team, etc.)
  • Christian divorce recovery group
  • Christian counseling resource

ISBN: 9781628620597

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