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Case for Miracles Student Edition

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Case for Miracles Student Edition
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Case for Miracles Student Edition

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Title: Case for Miracles Student Edition
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Lee Strobel and Jane Vogel


Do miracles really exist? Bestselling and award-winning author Lee Strobel decided to find out. In The Case for Miracles Student Edition, he presents the interviews, real-life stories, and provable facts behind historical and modern-day incidents many people claim are "miraculous" and others see as false, then lays out the solid truth, giving young adults like you the evidence you need to make your own decision on whether miracles and other supernatural events ever happened, and if they still happen today.

A woman on the news says she saved a boy from drowning after a glowing man told her where to go. A man says his cancer miraculously disappeared, and doctors agree they can't find any trace of the disease. A classmate says the answers to his final exam came to him in a dream and claims it must have been a miracle. None of these things are normal events--but are they really miracles, or just strange coincidences? And what about all the miracles in the Bible? Can modern science explain them away? In The Case for Miracles Student Edition, Lee Strobel asks the hard questions as he interviews scientists, skeptics, and first-hand witnesses, and also uses his award-winning journalist background to examine the evidence behind modern-day and historical miracles and "supernatural" claims to see if they are really from God or just wishful thinking. As he presents the evidence, you can decide: Does God really perform miracles in our world? And if he does, what does that mean for us?

The Case for Miracles Student Edition:

  • Answers the questions teens and young adults thirteen and up ask about miracles and otherworldly events, looking at all the possible angles and presenting proof of God’s presence
  • Explores all types of miracles—and why they sometimes don't happen when we think they should
  • Can also be used in the classroom, in group studies, or as part of a religious studies class
  • Pairs well with The Case for Christ Student Edition, The Case for a Creator Student Edition, and The Case for Faith Student Edition

ISBN: 9780310747239

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