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Foundations of Evangelical Theology Collection (9 Vols.)

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Foundations of Evangelical Theology Collection
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Foundations of Evangelical Theology Collection (9 Vols.)

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Title: Foundations of Evangelical Theology Collection (9 Vols.)
Publisher: Crossway
Author: John S. Feinberg
What's Included
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No One Like Him
John S. Feinberg
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The Cross and Salvation
Bruce Demarest
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He Who Gives Life
Graham A. Cole
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To Know and Love God
David K. Clark
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Biblical truth doesn't change, however the issues that the church faces with each generation do. As theology addresses both the truths of Scripture and contemporary issues, a need arises from time to time to review and revise systematic theology. The Foundations of Evangelical Theology series proposes to incorporate insights from Scripture, historical theology and philosophy in order to produce an up-to-date work in systematic theology. Embracing the historical orthodox doctrines of the church, the series attempts to discuss broadly based evangelical theology. Alternate evangelical and non-evangelical options are discussed as well. To ensure that these works of systematic theology go beyond just understanding to true life application, the doctrines presented will be given practical application to everyday life.

This series brings the best in scholarship to the advanced user, but is accessible to the beginner in theology as well. Technical terms, when used, will be defined.

John S. Feinberg (PhD, University of Chicago) is department chair and professor of biblical and systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the author of Ethics for a Brave New World (with Paul D. Feinberg) and is general editor of Crossway’s Foundations of Evangelical Theology series.

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