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Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views

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Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views
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Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views

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Title: Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views
Publisher: IVP Academic
Author: Stanley E. Porter, Stanley E. PorterJr. and Beth M. Stovell


In this Spectrum Multiview volume five experts in biblical hermeneutics gather to state and defend their approach to the discipline. Contributors include:

  • Craig Blomberg with the historical-critical/grammatical approach
  • Richard Gaffin with the redemptive-historical approach
  • Scott Spencer with the literary/postmodern approach
  • Robert Wall with the canonical approach
  • Merold Westphal with the philosophical/theological approach

Spectrum Multiview Books offer a range of viewpoints on contested topics within Christianity, giving contributors the opportunity to present their position and also respond to others in this dynamic publishing format.

ISBN: 9780830869992

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