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Oxford Bible Commentary

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Oxford Bible Commentary
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Oxford Bible Commentary

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Title: Oxford Bible Commentary
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: John Barton and John Muddiman


A monumental, line-by-line critical commentary on the Bible, covering all the books that appear in the NRSV. An essential reference work, this definitive book provides authoritative, non-denominational commentary written by an international team of more than 70 leading scholars from various religious backgrounds. Incorporating the latest research, the contributors examine the books of the Bible in exhaustive detail, taking a historical-critical approach that attempts to shed light on the scriptures by placing them in the context in which their first audiences would have encountered them, asking how they came to be composed and what were the purposes of their authors.

The Commentary includes a general introduction, extensive introductions to both testaments and the Apocrypha, briefer introductions to the particular books, plus an essay with commentary on important post-biblical Jewish and Christian literature. Each article concludes with a bibliography that points the reader toward the most important supplemental works in English, including major reference works, introductions, and more.

A truly stunning work of biblical scholarship, The Oxford Bible Commentary will be an invaluable resource for pastors preparing a sermon, for students, for those in study or discussion groups, and indeed for anyone--whether Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox Christian--who seeks a clearer perspective on a text that has been held in reverence for thousands of years.

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"A very fine work and a useful addition to any study bookshelf." — Church Review

"[A] magnificent, supremely scholarly volume. Indispensible to clergy, lay preachers, students, adult members of congregations and those just interested in the Bible as literature, it provides an up to date, clear, verse by verse explanation of all the books of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Apocrypha... After carefully examining this brilliant authoritative volume, I unreservedly recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand the Bible more fully." — Ronald S. Mallone, Day by Day
John Barton is Oriel & Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture at the University of Oxford.

John Muddiman is G. B. Caird Fellow in New Testament Studies in Mansfield College, Oxford.

ISBN: 9780199277186

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