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Bond of Brothers

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Bond of Brothers

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Bond of Brothers

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Bond of Brothers
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Wes Yoder


“The perfect conversation for men with little to say can be summed up in eight words: 'Can you believe the weather at that game?'”Author Wes Yoder’s words are humorous. Yet beyond the sports and weather chatter and silence that characterize many male conversations, there is brokenness. Emptiness. Shame. That’s not funny.For Yoder, addressing the problem is not about planting the flag for one’s manhood by joining a mass movement for men, nor is it necessary for men to “sire a herd or shoot a moose to authenticate their manhood.” Yoder calls disappointed, disenchanted, and lonely men to authenticity. To rediscover joy. To find satisfaction. In Bond of Brothers, men will discover:- Why your career and performance at work are not your identity- How to defeat the fears that come to a man in the “Tough Years"- What to do when you are too worried to forgive or too power-hungry to smile- Why spiritual friendships are the central, life-giving core of all healthy relationships among menBeing present to comfort, to love, to listen, to take a step toward Jesus together in our brokenness … that is the essence of friendship, Yoder writes. When we invite Jesus into our shared brokenness, he can do the work of remaking what is left of the mess we have made of ourselves. Begin a journey toward authenticity and your true identity here!
ISBN: 9780310412274

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